John George Herring - Estate Receipts

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25 October 1806

Rec'd from Mary Herring Wid of George Herring
(Dc'd) all our parts and wrights of Dower of the
Estate of our father George Herring (Dc'd)
this 25th October 1806

Christena Fullmer her x mark

Caty Duncan her x mark

Magdalina Stoudemayer her x mark

04 March 1816

Conditions of these Sales are such
All sums under and of Two Dollars Cash.
All Over Twelve Months Credit note and
approved Security. Property not to be altered
All Complys with and Resold on the
Spot of the first Purchasers Risk

Michael Stock Ad'm

Rebecca Herring Ad'm

4th March 1816

05 March 1816

Rec'd this 5th March 1816 of Mich'l Stock Ad'm
of the Estate of Jno. George Herring. Fifty Cents
in full for Trying the Sale of Said Estate

John Looner his x mark

26 March 1816

Rec'd 26th March 1816 of Wm. Mich. Stock, Administrator of
the Estate of John G. Herring Three Dollars 75 Cents
for Quallifying Appraiser Attending Sale as Clerk


J. Swygert
for John A. Houseal

06 April 1816

Rec'd of M'l Stock Adm of the late George
Herring Estate One Dollar in full
of my Lawful fee for publishing &
Certifying his Citation. I say rec'd
f'm me this 6th April 1816

F.J. Wallern J.P & L.M.

[NOTE: This is Rev. Frederick Joseph Wallern, it is known he was a Lutheran minister, but did the initials stand for Justice of Peace?, Lutheran Minister?]

08 March 1817

Rec'd 8th March 1817- of Michael Stock Adm-
inistrator of the Estate of John G. Herring (Dec.'d)
the sum of Thirteen Dollars 6 1/4 cents being our
Legacy in full $13.06 1/4 of s'd Estate, we say Rec'd by us in full

Test.- J. Swygert - James Smith his x mark

Rec'd 8th March 1817-  of Mich'l Stock Admst'r of
the Estate of John G. Herring (Dec.'d) the sum of
Thirteen Dollars 6 1/4 cents being our Legacy in full
of s'd Estate - we say Rec'd by us in full $13.06 1/4

Test.- J. Swygert - Jacob Ishler his x mark

03 January 1818

Rec'd the 3rd January 1818 of Michael Stock adm'st
of the Estate of John George Herring Dec'd the sum
of Thirteen Dollars & 6 1/4 Cents It being
in full of my Legacy from S'd Estate-

Test. S. Cannon - Christena Fulmor her x mark

09 March 1818

Rec'd 9th March 1818 of
Michael Stock Administrator of the
Estate of John George Herring Dec'd
the sum of Thirteen Dollars 6 1/4 Cents
being our Legacy in full of s'd Estate
we say Rec'd by us in full

Test. Wm. J. Houseal

Absolom Duncan his x mark

Cathrine Duncan her x mark

01 February 1819

Rec'd Feb 1st 1819 five dollars
of Michael Stock in full for back

(partial signature, page torn/missing/stained, I believe it is George Ruff)


You can view the actual documents here: Google Photos

I attempted a partial reconstruction of the John George Herring family using these documents and what I could find in SCMAR Volume X, Number 4, Fall 1982, the 1850 Lexington County Census, and Dutch Fork Digest Vol. IX, 1994.

There is additional information in The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research (SCMAR) Volume X, Number 4, Fall 1982, that correlates to these receipts.

These documents were also previously published in The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research by Brent H. Holcomb, as well as the Dutch Fork Digest.


I purchased these documents on eBay. According to the seller, these were found in the attic of an old Victorian style house in the Irmo/Chapin area. The new owner of the house would not give any additional details to the seller, and wants to remain anonymous. I was told they were part of a larger cache of documents relating to the Stock family, which also contained Civil War era documents, but unfortunately they were sold to a private collector, and they refused my request for any additional info.

In the Lexington County South Carolina 1850 Census book by the Lexington Genealogical Association, you can find Michael Stock on page 129 (at the bottom), his wife was Maria Magdelen Herring, a daughter of John George Herring. (transcribed as Stuck, his full name is William Michael Stock, he was the administrator of this estate)

I tried to, as close as possible, transcribe as they were written, but some of the documents are in poor condition, and mistakes may have been made.

Submitted by David Smith

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