Partial Reconstruction of the John George Herring family

I attempted a partial reconstruction of the John George Herring family using these documents and what I could find in SCMAR Volume X, Number 4, Fall 1982, the 1850 Lexington County Census book, and Fulmer in the Dutch Fork Digest Vol. IX, 1994.

Use these records in your research but, please, do not publish without permission of the family or the chapter.

First Generation


1. John George Herring. John George died in Lexington District, South Carolina.

John George Herring married Mary ________.

They had the following children:
    2    i.    Anna Christena Herring
        ii.    Catharine "Caty" Herring

Catharine "Caty" Herring married Absolom Duncan.

        iii.    Magdalina Duncan.

Magdalina Duncan married _________ Stoudemayer.

    3    iv.    Maria Magdelen Stoudemayer
        v.    Anna Margret Stoudemayer.

Anna Margret Stoudemayer married Samuel Busby.

        vi.    Maria Elizabeth Busby.

Maria Elizabeth Busby married James Smith.

        vii.    Maria Barbara Smith.

Maria Barbara Smith married Jacob Ishler.

        viii.    Nicholas Ishler. Nicholas died in Lexington District, South Carolina.

Nicholas Ishler married Rebecca ________.

Second Generation

2. Anna Christena Herring.

Anna Christena Herring married Matthias Fulmer, son of Johann Jakob Vollmer & Anna Maria Agnes Leuze. Born  abt 1779. Matthias died on 1 Oct 1816, he was 37.

They had the following children:
        i.    (Unknown) Fulmer. Born  bef 1800.

        ii.    John C. Fulmer. Born on 4 Jul 1801. John C. Fulmer died in 1862, he was 60.

John C. Fulmer married Mary Ann Waits. Born on 7 Sep 1804.

        iii.    Sally Fulmer. Born  abt 1803.

Sally Fulmer married Michael Fulmer, son of Abrahart Fulmer.

        iv.    Jacob Fulmer. Born  abt 1805. Jacob died  bet. 1860-1869, he was 55.

Jacob Fulmer married Martha Ann Waits. Born on 27 May 1813.

        v.    Mary Ann Fulmer. Born on 22 Dec 1807.

Mary Ann Fulmer married Joel Fulmer, son of Abrahart Fulmer.

        vi.    (Unknown) Fulmer. Born  aft 1810.

        vii.    Elizabeth Fulmer. Born on 29 Sep 1810.

Elizabeth Fulmer married Levi Waits. Born on 16 Oct 1802.

3. Maria Magdelen Herring.

Maria Magdelen Herring married William Michael Stock. Born  abt 1780.

They had the following children:
        i.    Adam Stock. Born  abt 1820. Adam died on 18 Apr 1857, he was 37.

        ii.    Anna Stock. Born  abt 1823.

        iii.    Jacob B. M. Stock. Born on 3 May 1829. Jacob B. M. died on 6 Jul 1937, he was 108.

Jacob B. M. Stock married Teresa "Tarsey" Fulmer, daughter of John Adam Fulmer & Salome Sally Ridlehoover. Born on 14 Feb 1834. Teresa "Tarsey" died on 13 Feb 1928, she was 93.

Submitted by David Smith [previously published in Dutch Fork Digest]

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