St. Phillip's Evangelical Lutheran Church

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St. Philip's Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized in August 1881. The congregation first worshiped in Capt. Philip Sigh's yard. About the first of September of the same year they began their church building near the seventh mile stone on the road leading from Newberry to Hughes's ferry on Broad River. The church was built by Mr. Romeo Halfacre who completed the work with the exception of ceiling the walls. The congregation then numbered about thirty. The first officers were Rev. H. L. Wingard pastor; Adam Kibler, W. G. Metts and G. L. Sease, Elders; and Melvin Dickert, Monroe M. Dickert, and Melvin Wicker, Deacons

The first sermon was preached in the building, yet unfinished, November 6, 1881. Little by little the work progressed until November 5, 1882 when the church was dedicated to God by the pastor, assisted by Rev. Steck?, D.D. who preached the dedication sermon. Rev H. L. Wingard served the congregation until October 7, 1883.

Rev. S, T. Hallman, being regularly called, from Concord, N. C., assumed the pastoral call of St. Philip's church on November 29, 1883.  He continued his labors until May 1888 when the Joint Council of the Pastorate accepted his resignation that he might respond to an urgent call from the English Lutheran Church of Augusta, GA, and the Executive committee are the missions of the South Carolina Synod.

During his ministry here 51 members were enrolled at St. Philip's church, 93 in the pastorate; there were 14 funerals; 33 baptisms of infants; and the salary was raised from $90 to $120. The church was improved by the addition of the pulpit, robe-room, chairs in chancel and pulpit, blinds to windows, stove in church, the house painted, $41.80 raised towards the purchase of the organ.

Some of the early pastors who served St. Philip's from 1881 until 1916 were: Rev. H. L. Wingard, Rev. S. T.  Hallman, Prof. J. B. Fox from Newberry College, Mr. H. F. Sheehy? of the Theological Seminary, Rev. John H. Wyse, Rev. J. A. Sigh, D.D., Rev. J. D. Bowles, Rev. J. J. Long, Rev. S. T. Hellman, D.D., Rev. H. P. Counts, Rev. P. H. E. Derrick, Rev. J. C. Wessinger, Rev. John J. Long, Rev. Y. V. A. Riser, Rev. A. J. Bowers and Rev. S. P. Koon

This history of St. Philip's Evangelical Lutheran Church was abstracted from the "Dutch Fork Digest". For a more complete history see the 1989 and 1990 Dutch Fork Digest which includes the Infant Baptism records (227) for the years 1881 through until January 1917. These church records also includes the 69 deaths from the year 1883 until October 1915

We are including the Marriage Records from 1884 until June 1915 beginning on the following page.




11 Dec 1884  W. B. Lominick  Mary E. Swittenburg
24 Dec 1884  Drayton T. Wicker Martha E. Lominick
05 Jan 1887  W. P. Metis   Bulah C. Swittenberg
16 Mar 1887  Col. D. A. Ruff Lizzie Halfacre
24 Nov 1887  W. P. Lominick  Luvinia Ruff
30 Nov 1887  R. C. Sligh   Fannie Kinard
11 Jan 1888  John M. Cannon  Carrie Hentz
02 Sep 1888  John D. Nance Mamie Sease
30 Dec 1888  W. P. Wicker  Amelia Bishop
12 Dec 1889  W. G. Metts   Francis M. Wicker
17 Dec 1889  J. C. Chalmers  C. Etta Lominick
02 Nov 1890  H. N. Kinard  Laura Eckberg
04 Dec 1890  A. E. Lominick  Lizzie Counts
08 Dec 1892  Charlton Livingston Addie Koon
25 Dec 1892  Monroe Koon   Carrie N. Metts
25 Dec 1892  H. S. Metts   Biddie Singley
01 Jan 1893  Thomas Fellers  Maly B. Sease
11 May 1893  W. D. Halfacre  Bettie E. Maybn
20 Jan 1895  Jacob B. Wicker Della Wilson
03 May 1896  Dr. Dickert   Ida Wicker
18 Sep 1896  James Lominick  Daisey Nance
19 Aug 1896  James Kibler  Linnie Bauknight
03 Dec 1896  E. M. Sheely  Lilla Kibler
07 Dec 1896  S. R. Metts  Cle(ora or ria) Kinard
16 Dec 1896  A. C. Kinard  Lilian Canthran ( or in)
23 Sep 1897  F. L. Lominick  Mollie Sligh
24 Dec 1899  Willie Kibler   Vinnie Ruff
22 Apr 1900  Willie Lominick  Lalla Sligh
23 Dec 1900  James Ruff  Floy Banks
24 Aug 1902  Louis Dominick  Taloo Sligh
29 Dec 1902  Caldwell Ruff   Pauline Nance
29 Dec 1902  Edwin Halfacre  Lola Kibler
15 Oct 1903  Sidney Sheely Anna Dehardt
11 Nov 1903  W. B. Kinard  Bee McFaden
15 Dec 1903  George Sheely Nancy Lominack
16 Dec 1903  John Wicker   Vera Lominick
28 Dec 1904  George K. Wicker  Lula B. Halfacre
26 Jan 1905  T. W. Harmon  D. B. Kibler
29 Jan 1905  A. P. Ruff  Lela Sease
04 Jun 1905  James Lominick  Birtie B. Sligh
02 Jul 1905  Ed Dominick   Carrie U. Wicker
19 Nov 1905  David L. Halfacre Nora Epting
24 Dec 1905  Thomas Wicker Anna Aull
24 Dec 1905  A. B. Peaster   Elma Halfacre
29 Dec 1905  Robt. Sheehy  Willie Aull
07 Jan 1906  Henry Wicker  Audry Livingston
11 Jan 1906  William Cromer  Mary L. Wicker
11 Mar 1906  Charlie Summer  Essie Shealy
15 Apr 1906  Henry Ringer  Fannie Lominick
24 Sep 1902? Karl C. Eckberg  Ugenia Hair
09 Sep 1906  George Koon   Emma McCartha
28 Oct 1906  M. L. Wicker  Alice Long
16 Dec 1906  Walter Long   Blanchie Ruff
31 Mar 1907  Thomas H. Wicker  Lilla Maude Sheehy
13 Nov 1907  Clifford B. Metts Fannie Sloat
--- Oct 1907 Olan Lane  Miss Whitiker
29 Dec 1907  Walter Ringer   Rosabelle Allen
24 Jan 1909  Brose Kibler  Netta Banks
25 Apr 1909  Louie Shealy  Lida B. Metts
03 Oct 1909  Edward Enlow  Hattie Banks
31 Oct 1909  David Ruff  Mamie Lominick
12 Dec 1909  Holland Ruff  Talue Lominick
26 Dec 1909  John Shealy   Mary Long
29 Dec 1909  B. F. Bedenbaugh  Mary E. Eckberg
03 Apr 1910  Charles Boland  Ola May Shigh (Sigh)
13 Nov 1910  Rufash Metts  Narvis Shealy
18 Dec 1910  John A. Wicker  Narvis Livingston
21 Dec 1910  Andrew Shealy Rama Metts
25 Dec 1910  John Koon   Maly Wicker
04 Jun 1911  Fred Gallman  Chrissie Ruff
04 Jun 1911  T. E. McCullough  Altha G. Lominick
18 Jun 1911  Luther Shealy   Lalla Wicker
18 Jun 1911  John Ringer   Ada Oxner
29 Jun 1911  J. J. Kibler  Nellie V. Radcliffe
17 Jun 1912  Orlanda Felker  Annie Lominick
24 Dec 1912  Cola Wicker   Mattie Crumpton
01 Jun 1913  Loa(ma or rna) Ruff Llara Lominick
03 Aug 1913  John Taylor   Cleo Banks
18 Jan 1914  Holmes Kinard Chrisie Shealy
26 Jul 1914  Ralph Mills   Floy Lominick
26 Jul 1914  Bennie Wicker Nellie Livingston
06 Jun 1915  Haskel Crumpton Jessie Singley

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