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Chapin, South Carolina

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The earliest history of St. Jacob's Church has not been described. When the church was founded is a matter of conjecture. The earliest record of St. Jacob's is its participation in the organization of the Ecclesiastical Union Hill of 1788.  Early bounty grants for the St. Jacob's Church area include: John Michael Ergil, John Fayt Kersinger, Jacob Haltewanger, Olrig Sleys and Ann Mary Wilder, wife of Jacob Lindler. All of these family names are found among signers of the petition for membership of St. Jacob's Church into the Ecclesiastical Union.  St. Jacob's Church is located on the 150A survey of 1748 to Christian Theus (Colonial Plats 4:468). This survey was the earliest in the Wateree Creek area. Theus sold the land to John Geiger.John Geiger in 1768 sold the south 100A part of the survey to Christian Reister and fact is confirmed by early state surveys adjacent the land grant of Christian Theus.  The original church was located on the north side of the old road that passes through the grant and it would be assumed that part of the grant was deeded over to the church at some point, either in the Colonial or early statehood period, and either by Rister or Boyer.

Signatures of Petitioners for St. Jacob's Church for Membership in Ecclesiastical Union

Names as interpreted in Quattlebaum, Paul. "German Protestants in South Carolina in 1788; a Petition for Incorporation of Their Churches." SC Historical and Genealogical Magazine, XLV:4 (Oct 1946). Names in parenthesis represent modern or alternative equivalents of name.

   Jacob bindler ser. (Lindler)

   Conrad (X) Shleis  (Slice)

   Jacob bindler ju.  (Lindler)

   Johan Vetter Bondscher (Peter Baltscherrer)

   Johan J. Jungling  (?)

   Johan Heinrich Seitz

   Jacob Hauber

   George Froeschle(r)  (Freshley)

   Wilhelm Ziegler

   Adam (X) Paltzer (Saltzer, Salser)

   michel (X) Ergle

   Michael Carle  (Charles)

   Johannes Ergel

   Christian (X) Rucker (Rister)

   Banerman Getzunger (X) (Getsinger)

   Tobias Yttler (X)

   John Smith

Colonial Surveys to Women in the St. Jacob's Church Area

The following is a list of women's surveys all of which are thought to be in the St. Jacob's Church or Wateree Creek area of Lexington County.  Deeds to the sale of late Colonial surveys in old Newberry District reveal that it was a common practice at that time for women to obtain surveys and grants in their maiden name. The names of owners of adjacent lands are given in the following list. Some of the women in this list may have been obtaining lands adjacent their husbands.  Following the name of grantee is found the acreage, date of plat certification, and Colonial SC plat book reference

* Mary BLACK - 100A plat, 11 Feb 173, Vol. 13, p. 231. Adj. surveys of John Coinnot and George Rizer. Shown as John Kinarksland on 200A survey of 1772 to George Rizer.

   * Rosina CHARLES - 100A, 1773, Vol. 14, p. 62. Adj. survey of Jacob Lindler.  The David Lindler cemetery is located on this tract.

   * Anne COOKE - 100A plat, 26 Jan 1773, Vol. 14, p. 175.  Adj. land of Frederick Kicklighter.

   * Mary EXTON - 100A plat, 24 May 1773, Vol. 15, p. 72. Adj. land of Michael Boyer and Adam Shull. Land later owned by Michael Farr and inherited by children of Michael Farr - John, Eve, Conrad, George & David Farr; transferred by them to Thomas L. Veale (Lex. Deed Book O, p. 48)

   * Margaret GROMER (CROMER) - 100 plat, 17 May 1773, Vol. 16, p. 248. Adj. land of John Hipp and James Hollenshead.

   * Barbara KISELHOT (GEISELHART) - 100A plat, 22 March 1773, Vol. 17, p. 505. Adj. land of Jacob Fullmore. 57A of tract sold 17 Oct 1843 by Wilks F. Waters & wife, Elizabeth , to Thomas Clark (Lex. Deeds N-415).  Deed says land left to Elizabeth Waters by her father, George Stoudemire, Sr.

   * Christiana NATHAMERING - 50A plat, 8 Feb 1750, Vol. 5, p. 250. Adj. survey of Baltzer Bush. Wife of Balzar Bush (Memorials 8:359)

   * Catherine POWMIN - 150Aplat, 15 Dec 1752, Vol. 5, p. 495.  Adj. surveys of Alexander Deley, Ferdinand Fisher, Margaret Schradin, and Frederick Kicklighter.   Married Adam Hover (Hauber).  Came on Upton with daughter, Catherine 5 or 6 (JC, pt. 2)

   * Barbara REICH (RISH) - 100A plat, 2 March 1772, Vol. 20:56.  Adj. survey of Martin Swaggert.

   * Barbara RISHTER - 100A plat, 2 March 1773, Vol. 30, p. 112.  Adj. land of Henry Shuller and George Freshley.Magdelena RISHTER - 100A plat, 29 March 1773.

   * Margaret SCHRADIN - 50A plat, 3 Dec 1753, Vol. 12, p. 137. On Elizabeth (JC 21, pt. 1)  Adj. surveys of William Hendrick Desch, Tobias Walthouer, Ferdinand Fisher and Catherine Powmin.

   * Anna Christina SETZLER - 100A plat, 19 May 1772, Vol. 19,. p. 403, Wife of Adam Frederick Epting. Adj. survey of George Zachary (Herring).

   * Rosanah SINGLING (SINGLEY) - 100A plat, 22 Mar 1773, Vol. 19, p. 476. Adj. land of Jacob Fullmore. Sold in 1775 to Wm. Summer, she was wife of Sebastian Kock (SCMAR 11:10, 1983)

   * Catherine SISSA (SEASE) - 100A plat, 25 Mar 1773, Vol. 19, p. 403. Adj. land of John Rykard.

   * Catharine SLICE - 100A plat, 24 Mar 1773, Vol. 19, p. 516. Adj. surveys of John Wilder, John Kynet, and Jacob Bos.

   * Angell WALDEWANGER (HALTEWANGER) - 100A plat, 25 Mar 1773, Vol. 21, p. 260.  Adj. lands of Jacob Bookter, Tobias Eisler and Sherwood Busby.

   * Angellica WELLER - 100A plat, 24 May 1773. Adj. land of Jacob Willer.

   * Ann Mary WILDER - 50A plat, 8 Apr 1753, Vol 8, p. 260. With her brother & family on Elizabeth (JC 21, pt. 1). Wife of Jacob Lindler (Memorials 14, p. 258 & Quit Rents 1760-1765, pt. 1, p. 75). Adj. surveys of John Michael Ergil, Olrig Sleys and Jacob Lindler.

   * Catherina WILLIAMS - 100A plat, 20 Jan 1773. Adj. lands of Thomas and Frederick Kittokter (Kicklighter).

   * Mary WRITEER (RITTER) - 100A plat, 22 Mar 1773, Vol. 20, p. 521. Adj. surveys of Michael Hamader and John Bush.

Written by Dr. Carl W. Nichols

(Article was published in the Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. XIV, April-June 1999)

Posted 13 May 2007

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