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Richard Ward Family Bible Record


Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. X, April June 1995

Red Letter Art Edition Bible. "The Light of the

World Trademark", copyright 1892.

Submitted by: Margie Ballenger Turkett, W. Columbia, SC


Richard Ward and Harriet Henderson was married the 5th of November 1846.


Richard Ward was borned the 30tb April 1819.

Harriet Henderson was borned the 30th November 1819.

Harriet M. Ward was borned the 19 August 1847

Cyntha R. Ward was borned the 11 July 1849.

Amanda A. Ward was borned the 28th March 1851.

James L. Ward was borned the 13 March 1853.

John A. &. Frances Matilda Elizabeth

M. E. Ward was borned the 2nd December 1855.

William J Henderson was born August 8th, 1857.

James Franklin Ballenger born Dec. 22,1855.

Matilda Elizabeth Ballenger born Dec. 22,1855.

Martha Clara Bellenger born July 23,1873.

Richard Buford Ballenger born Dec. 22,1875

William Lee Ballenger born April 15,1881.

Russell Simpson Ballenger born Oct. 17,1883.

John Wesley Ballenger born Aug 17,1886.

James Morris Ballenger born July 13,1889.

Carl Hansel Ballenger born June 22,1894.

Wade Ballenger born Sept. 29,1898.

Posted 9 July 2004