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Christian Swigard Family Bible Record

Stereotyped and Published by C. Alexander & Co.

Philadelphia 183?


Christian Swigard was born 15th March 1779.

Corn (?) Abner Swygert was born 12th of Oct 1883

Corah Lee Swygert was born 12th Oct 1883

Daner (?) ? Swygert was born 11th July 1848.?

Charley Marks Swygert was born 13th Mar

Jimm (?) Gatlin Swygert was born 14th Oct 1891


Christian Swigard departed this life on 14th September 1841

Margaret Swygart departed this life on the 7th day of May 1860

George Swygart departed this life on the 13th day of August 1848

E. Z. Swygart departed this life Nov 7th 1861

Zillah Swygart departed this life Aug 3rd 1875

? Jumper departed this life Jan 19th 1881

? Jumper departed this life ? 15th 1879 (?)


Elizabeth Swigard was married to Wm P. Caughman on the 13th day of June 1844

Eliza Swigard was to H. R. Brison on the 28 of November 1844

Emanuel Z, Swigard was married to Mitty An Croat on the 26th of June 1845

Martin Swygert was married to Nancy Derrick 26 day of Feb 1829

Rachel Swygert was married to Simpson Caley 26th day of Oct. 1837

John Z. Swigard & Mitty Addy was married on the 24th 1840

? ? ? ? ? married on ? December 1865

Posted 9 July 2004