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Lloyd Steele Bible Record

Published by John A Dickson Publishing Company

Chicago, Illinois 1946

This record was donated by chapter members, Roy and Joann Glover.


Lloyd B. Steele born Dec. 12, 1920, passed on Dec. 4, 1979, Relationship listed as Parents F (Father)

Susie V. Steele born April 9, 1936, Relationship listed as Parents M. (Mother)

Diann Steele born June 29, 1951, Relationship listed as Children D. (Daughter)

Oliver L. Steele born Feb. 8, 1953, Relationship listed as S. (Son)

Latton (?) E. Steele born July 19, 1954, passed on Feb. 16, 1985, Relationship listed as D. (Daughter)

LaVern E. Steele born July 19, 1954, Relationship listed as S. (Son)

Donna Maria Steele born Nov. 8, 1956, Relationship listed as D. (Daughter)

Micah Scott Steele born Aug. 13, 1960, passed on 9/13/1978, Relationship listed as S. (Son)

Sara Idell Stelle born May 9, 1968, Relationship listed as D. (Daughter)



Lloyd Blithe Steele "Father" born 12/12/1920 died 12/4/1979

Susie Verdell Taylor "Mother" born 4/9/1926

Verdell Diann Steele "First Child" born 6/29/1951

Oliver Lloyd Steele "Second Child" born 2/8/1953 married 11/30/1974 to "Wife" Shelby Boyd Steele

Beside them under Grandchildren are: Oliver Brian Steele born 4/16/78 and Christy LaShell Steele born 2/4/1983

LaVon Eloise Steele "Third Child" born 7/19/1954 died 2/16/1985 married July 15, 1978 to "Husband" Jacob Sidney Rish

Beside them under Grandchildren are: Jason Sidney Rish born 8/1/80 and Jamison Scott Rish born 12/28/84 d.

LaVern Elvin Steele "Fourth Child" (note: "Twins" between LaVon and LaVern) born 7/19/1954 married to "Wife" Debbie Rose Keisler Smith

Beside them under Grandchildren are: (note: Written in is Two Step Grand) Cynthia Ann Smith and Kenneth Bryson Smith

Donna Maria Steele "Fifth Child" born 11/8/1956 married May 14, 1978 to "Husband" Robert O'Neal Sanders, Jr.

Beside them under Grandchildren are: Richard Creighton Steele born 5/28/1976 and Robert O'Neal Sander born 8/13/78 died 1/13/1980


On these pages may be recorded important events and memories in the lives of our ancestors, ourselves and our children.

Micah Scott Steele "Sixth Child" born 8/13/1960 died 9/13/1978 Killed in auto accident along with his girlfriend, Andrea K. Greene James Hutto in other pick up truck shot himself about three months latter.

Sara Idell Steele "Seventh Child" born 5/9/1968


Father's line as shown;

Lloyd Blithe Steele b. Dec. 12, 1920 d. Dec. 4, 1979

His father: Killian Lloyd Steele b. (no date) d. Sept. 30, 1967

His grandparents: Henry Steele and Sara Jane Steele

His great grandparents: Henry's  Jedikiah Steele and Annie Catherine (Roof) Steele

Sara Jane's  Eliza Taylor, Price, Keisler

Father of Eliza shown as Dave Taylor

His mother: Lula Idell Steele b. Sept. 28, 1892 d. Sept. 8, 1980

His grandparents: Jerod Taylor and Belva Taylor

His great grandparents: Jerod's  Elias Taylor and Martha Spires Taylor

Belva's  James Ballington (a note  came to U. S. from Dublin, Ireland and Harriet Wingard              Ballington

Father of Harriet shown as Jeremiah Wingard

Mother's line as shown:

Susie Verdell Steele b. April 9, 1926

Her father: Oliver Creighton Steele b. Nov. 29, 1894 d. April 17,1876

Her grandparents: Dave Taylor and Clara Ardella Riddle

Her great grandparents: Dave's Edwin Taylor and Elizabeth Roof Smith Taylor

Clara's  Louis Riddle and Sarah Miller Shealy Riddle Bouknight

Her mother: Sarah Jesimene Taylor b. May 23, 1903 d. Nov. 25, 1971

Her grandparents: Hamp Long and Susie Wingard Taylor Corley

Her great grandparents: Susie's  John Wingard and Sara Sox Wingard

Sara's Dave Mathias Sox and Caroline Spires

Posted 9 July 2004