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Govan Luther Sease Bible Record


Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. V, No. 3, July September 1990

From a Bible belonging to Richard Henry Ruff-Submitted by David E. Sease --both grandsons of Govan Luther Sease and Mary Elvy Fulmer.


G. (Govan) Luke (Luther) Sease and Mary E. (Elvy) Fulmer was (sic) Married December 31st 1857 A.D.

John A. (Ambrose) Sease and Aurrie (Aurelia) L. Nance married Oct 26 1887.

J. D. (James Drayton) Nance and Mamie (Naomi) Sease married Sep the 2.1888.


Thomas M. (Meredith) Fellers was born Jan. 6 1894

Luther H. (Hamilton) Fellers was born Sep. 30,1895.

Jefferson E. (Eugene) Fellers was born May 6 1898.

Claud (Claude Myrtine) Hornsby was born Aug 24 (25) 1904

J. D. (Jesse Debruhl) Hornsby was born Sep 29 1907.

(above 5 children: Maly Bartus Sease married 1) Thomas Wilbur Fellers, married 2) Myrtine Pritchard Hornsby.

Goven Luther Sease was born June 20 AD 1836.

Mary E. (Elvy) (Fulmer) Sease was born Dec 17 AD 1840

1 Alice Angy (Angelina) (Sease) was born on Nov 26 AD 1858.

2 Jefferson D. (Davis) Sease was born January 16 AD 1861.

3 Jno. (John) A. (Ambrose) Sease was born Fob 6 AD 1866.

4 Naomi Sease was born March 11th 1868.

5 Jacob E. (Edmond) Sease was born June 26,1870.

6 W. (William) Quinby Sease was born July 6,1872.

7 Maly B (Bartus) ("May") Sease was born Sept 10,1874.

8 L. (Luther) Hampton Sease was born October 20, 1876.

9 Leiler (Lela) Ida Sease was born March 4th 1879

Newbery (sic) C. H. S. C.

Birdie N. Sease was born June the 10 1888.

J. (Jeffry) Terrel (1) Sease was born Sep the 28 1889.

Birdie N. Sease. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. (John Ambrose) Sease departed this life the 11 of November 1890.

Jeffry Terrell Sease. Son of Mr. &, Mrs. J. A. Sease departed this life the 28 Dec 1890.

Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. D. (James Drayton) Nance.-Jonie (John "Johnnie") Nance was born the 21 (Sept.) 1889.


Alice Angy (Angelina Sease) died January (17,) AD 1862.

Mr. G. L. (Govan Luther) Sease died May 24 1923.

Mrs. Mary E. (EIvy) (Fulmer) Sease died June 27,1925.

Guin (sic) (William Quinby) Sease died September 9 1940.

Ambrose P. (Powell) Ruff died September 4, 1941.

0. H. (Osborne Hampton) Ruff died July 21,1941.

Posted 13 June 2004