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Joseph Land Nichols Bible Record

Digest Vol. V., No 3, July September 1990

Owned and submitted by John T. Nichols, Montgomery, AL

Published, 1885, Cincinnati Publishing Co, #169 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH

Joseph Land Nichols had an earlier Bible and when it became too tattered, all family data was transcribed into this Bible. Please note all the grandchildren are not listed in this record. Joseph Land Nichols was son of William "Buck" Nichols and Barbara HAIR of Newberry Co., SC, later of Sprott, Perry Co., AL. Rachel Caroline DUNKIN was a daughter of Able DUNKIN, Jr. and Elizabeth BYERLEY/BERLY of Newberry and Edgefield Co., SC, later of Sprott, Perry Co., AL

J. L. Nichols born June 9,1820 (Joseph Land)

R. C. Dunkin born March 31,1825 (Rachel Caroline) married Dec. 20, 1843

J. L. Nichols born June 9, 1820 (Joseph Land)

M. E. Dunkin born May 15,1844 (Mary Ellen, sister of Rachel) married May 18,1887

BIRTHS: (all children were issue of first marriage)

M. L Nichols born Oct 17 1844 (Melissa J.)

M. E. Nichols born Apr 24,1846 (Malinda E.)

M. A. Nichols born Mar 19, 1848 (Minerva A.)

A. W. Nichols born July 30,1850 (name unknown, died infancy)

Monroe Nichols born June 19,1852 (Monroe)

M, A, Nichols born Sept 28,1853 (Martha A.)

M. R. Nichols born Aug 26,1855 (Murphy R. )

M. C. Nichols born Aug 31,1858 (Mahala C.)

M. J, Nichols born May 4,1860 (Marleboro/Molber J.)

M. E. Nichols born Aug 31,1862 (Mandy E.)

M A. Nichols born Aug 16,1865 (Mary Annie)

(Note: names inside ( ) were added for clarity)


W. H. Swindal born Oct 12,1870

J. M, Worrell born July 15,1871

A. S. Worrell born Oct 21,1872

G. W Nichols born Oct 31,1873

C. W. Worrell born May 31,1874

N C. Swindal born June 30,1874

S. A, Nichols born Oct 24,1875

M. A. Swindal born Aug 25,1876

D. W. Worrell born Sep 20,1876

C. 1. Nichols born April 17,1877


J. L. Nichols died Oct 29,1896 (Joseph Land)

"Rachel C. Dunkin (Nichols) died Jan. 2 1887." Both are buried at Mount Pleasant Baptist

Church, Sprott, Perry Co., AL.

Posted 5 July 2004