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John L. Meetze Bible Record


BIRTHS: (Males)

John L. Meetze was born ? 13th 1924


Martha E. Meetze was born March 6th 1821

Cintha L. Geise was born October 16th 1833.

Roseanna Elizabeth Long was born December 27th 1837

Louisa Catherine Lindler was born in the year of our Lord 1849 on 26 day of December, her parents were William Lindler and Mary A. M. Eargle, her sponsors in baptism were John Eargle and Rosanna M. Eargle.


John L. Meetze was married to Martha Elizabeth Meetze Janaury 13th 1846.

John L. Meetze was married to Lucinda L. Geiese February 27th 1866.

John L. Metze was married to Roseanna Elizabeth Long -mber the 20th 1877

John L. Metz was married to Louisa Catherine Lindler Nov 20 1888.



Sarah A. E. Meetze was born May 31st 1847.

Amanda Ann Isabel was born October 2lst 1848.

Amanda Ann Isabel Meetze was born October 21st 1848.

Ellen Druciller Meetze was born January 2nd 1850

Adam John Quincy Meetze was born September 8th 1851.

Robert Daniel Jacob Meetze was born November 1st 1853.

Job Charlie Meetze was born January 27th 1855.

Eve Rachael Rebecca Meetze was born December 7th 1857.

Solomon Andrew Meetze was born April 16th 1860.

Arthur Bedell Metz was born August 7th 1867.

Ida C- ------ born April --- (too faded to read)


Martha E. Meetze consort of John L, Meetze, died Nov 6th 1846 (?)

Amanda A. Isabel Meetze died January 5th 1849.

Ellen Druciller Meetze died Nov. 24th 1851.

Robert D. J. Meetze died December 18th 1853.

Eve R. Rebecca Meetze died October 7th 1864.

Cintha L Metze consort of John L. Metz died June 13th 1877.

Rosanna Elziabeth Metz wife of John L. Metz died August 22nd 1887 (?)

John, L. Metz ------ (too faded to read)

Posted 20 June 2004