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Dutch Fork Diget, Vol. XII, No 2, Apr-May-Jun 1997


John Mayer and Catharine Werts entered the State of Matrimony on the tenth day of November 1825. (Sister to Wife No. 2)

John Mayer and Christenah Wertz entered the State of Matrimony the year 1828 the sixth of January. Sister to Wife No.1 and daughter of Geo. Henry and Molly Singleton) Wertz)


John Mayer was born the twenty seventh day of December 1804. His Sponsors was Jno. Benedict Mayer and his wife, which gave him the name John in baptism.

Christenah Mayer was born the twenty third of April 1808. Her sponsors was Martin Sheely and his wife which gave her the name Christenah Wertz in her baptism.

Mary Elizabeth, first daughter of John and Catharine Mayer was born the tenth of October 1826. Her sponsors was Jacob Moser and his wife.

Anny Katherine was born July the sixth 1828. Her sponsors were Mathis Barre and his wife.

Sussanna Magdalin was born the twenty sixth of November 1830. Her sponsors was Martin Pike's and his wife Cristena.

George Ulrich was born the twenty fourth of December 1833. His sponsors was Jacob Mayer and his wife Maryaganis?.

Adam Benedict was born the fifteenth of September 1836. His sponsors was John Stoudemire and his wife Cristena.

John Andrew was born   the   twenty eighth of July 1839. His sponsors was John Whites and his wife Maryaganis?

Martha Mahala Mayer was  born the 1st day of March 1842. Sponsors  George F. Elison and his wife Elizabeth.

Jacob Godfry was   born  in the year 1845, March 7th. His sponsors was Jacob Ergle and his wife C.? Elizabeth.

Henry Michael was born the 15th of January 1848. His sponsors John Stoudemayer and his wife Christena, .

CHILD NOT LISTED (Olander Luther Mayer born 5 May 1851, died 24 September 1928  Married Nora Stoudemire, 9 children.)


(Katharine Wertz Mayer died 8 November 1826.)

(  ) Information & Bible record from Dutch Fork Chapter files.

Posted 20 June 2004