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Mayer - Stockman Bible Record

Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. V, No. 4, Jan-Feb-Mar 1991

Copies of the Mayer & Stockman Bible records were made by J. Walter Hamm

for Margaret Sease Jayroe from Bible in his possession.

Bible Published: Philadelphia, Wm. W. Harding, 1868

George Ulrich Mayer & Susane Elizabeth Eargle was joined in holy wedlock September 10, 1865.

George Ulrich, son of John Mayor & wife, Christina was born December 24,1833.

Susana Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Eargle & wife, Elizabeth, was born December 1,1838.

Mary Christina daughter of George Ulrich Mayer & wife Susana Elizabeth was born August 19, 1869.

Elizabeth Alice daughter of George U. Mayer & wife Susana Elisabeth was born January 11, 1871.

Martha Elisa daughter of George U. Mayor & wife Susanna Elizabeth was born August 21,1873.

Anne Magdelane daughter of George Ulrich Mayer & wife Susanna Elizabeth was born September 27,1875.

Andrew Tillbery son of George Ulrich Mayer & wife Susanna Elizabeth was born January 25, 1880.

Elizabeth Alice departed this life the first day of September 1872.


Josephine Elizabeth Bowers (Stockman added in different hand writing), January 8,1853.

James Walter Stockman, August 12, 1849.

Sarah Nora Stockman, August 6, 1876.

Oscar Decetts Stockman, September 7,1877.

Mary Elizabeth Stockman. November 15,1879.

Francis lonie Stockman, August 24,1881.

Bertha Mealy Stockman, June 29,1886.

Nancy Qpelia Stockman, October 24,1889.


Josephine Elizabeth Bowers &. James Walter Stockman, February 2,1871.

William Foster Ruff & Mary Elizabeth Stockman, April 11,1899

Joseph Sigmon Ruff & Sarah Nora Stockman, April 30,1899

Marion Allen Ham & Bertha Amelia Stockman, March 13,1906

Daniel Hezekiah Hamm & Nancy Ophelia Stockman, April 17,1907


Oscar Decetts Stockman, October 3,1878

Francis Ionie Stockman, May 26,1882

Georgie Amanda Stockman, August 4,1895

Bertha Amelia Stockman, September 11,1906

James Walter Stockman, May 22,1914

Josephine Elizabeth Bowers Stockman, March 6,1923

Posted 7 July 2004