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W. L. Martin Family Bible Record

Copied by Sybil Metts Hill 14 March 1965 when in possession of Maples Moncrief (the Bible). It was printed in 1868. Present owner unknown. Material sent on toThe Digest by Eleanor Wicker, Mississipi. Many thanks!


William L. Martin was born 7 March 1839

Elisabeth A. Martin was born 11 March 1840

Lucindy Jane Martin was born 12 September 1857

Mary Angaline Martin was born 31 March, 1859

James Toliver Martin was born 24 October 1861

Marthy Alviry Martin was born 9 July 1867

Palmira Cebella Martin was born 25 September 1870

Ida May Martin was born 23 November 1872

Ivy Alice Martin was born 22 February 1874

Nora Etta Martin was born 5 November 1875 (md. Albert Maples)


Mr William Lee Martin and Miss Elizabeth A. Johnson was married 16 Oct 1856

Gilbert Maples and Alma Lee Perkins was married Nov 1939

Delia Mae Maples and Jessie A. Moncrief was married 3 Feb 1940

Alvis Maples and Mae Stewart married 24 July 1936

Ethel Martin Maples and Bessie Lea married 5 Dec 1947

John Albert Maples and Nora Eta Martin married August 1890


John Albert Maples died 20 March 1955

Nora E. Maples died 6 March 1962

Lola Edna Maples died 6 May 1960

Mary A. Martin died 30 April 1859

James T. Martin died 6 June 1863

Martha A. Martin died 8 December 1869

Evie Allice Martin died September 1876

Elizabeth A. Martin died 29 November 1876

William Lee Martin died 20 September 1884

Posted 3 August 2004