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Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. XII, No. 1, January  March 1997

Bible stereotyped by B. & J. Collins, New York

Printed and sold by Collins and Co., 1818

Bible owned by Royal Lever, Irmo, SC

Bible recorded from the files of the Dutch Fork Chapter

Spring Hill

"Dutch Fork"

1764 1926


George Lever and Mary Magdalena Chapman was married October 13th 1787.

David Wertz and Mary Magdalena Lever was married March 1st 1814.

Michael Lever and Nancy Eleman was married January 14th 1817.

Wm. Lever and Kiziah Harmon was married February 6th, 1821.

George H. Wertz and Senna Elizabeth Lever was married April 3rd 1821.

Jacob Frick and Christermah Lever was married January 22 in the year of our Lord 1822.


George Lever was born December 11th 1764.

Wife of George Lever, Mary Lever was born October 13th 1769.

John Lever the 1st born of George Lever was born December 22nd 1788.

Michael Lever the 2nd born of George Lever was born October 27th 1793.

Abraham Lever the 3rd born of George Lever was born October 27 1793.

Mary Lever the 4th child and 1st born daughter of George Lever was born February 2nd 1796.

Wm. Lever the 5th child of__ and 4th son was born __ 18th 1798.

Elizabeth Lever the 7th child and 2nd daughter of George Lever was born December 9th 1801.

Christina Lever the 8th child and 3rd daughter of George Lever was born June 11th 1804.

Samuel Lever the 9th child and 6th son of George Lever was born March 9th 1807.

Sally Lever the 10th child and 4th daughter of George Lever was born July 15th 1809.

Rosanna Lever the 11th child and 5th daughter of George Lever was born May 24th 1811.

Polly Lever the 12th child and 6th daughter of George Lever was born November 19th 1814.

Mary Magtatennah the first born child of Jacob Frick was born the 14 day of August in the year of


Kizziah Lever the daughter of John Harman and Rachel Harman was born December 23rd 1804.

George Wm. Wiley Lever the son of Wm. Lever and Kizziah Lever was born 29th March 1804.

Eve Margaret Lever was born June 25th 1833 daughter ofWm. Lever.

Nancy Kizziah Lever was born 16 of April 1835 daughter of Wm. Lever.

Martha Ann Clarrise Lever was born January 3rd 1837.

Pearce Butler DeCalb Lever was born, son of Wm. Lever, January 12th 1839.

Marquies Lafayeette Marion Lever was born September 22nd 1840.

Pyrena Christina Lever was born March 11th day of 1842.

Jasper David Crockett Lever was born April 3rd 1844.

Mary Magdal- Miller the daughter of____ Miller and Polly ___ born September - -.

John Harman Kun- of George Kunkler and Polly Kunkle was born December 1840,

William Lafayette son of George Kunkler and Polly Kundle was born January 1843.

Francis Asberry Washington Lever was born 18th November 1846,

Job Lessen Equity Lever was born September 13th 1847.

Wm. Levers and Kizz__ Leves sixteenth child Harriet Marilsy was born November 8th 1850.

-na Levers first - child - manda Elizabeth was born 22nd - 1831.

- born child Maryan  Lever was born September 1833.

- born child Susannah neada Lever was born December 1836.

-rth born Nancy ____ Louisa Lever was born 29th December 1839.

David Wertz first born child Mary Magdalana was born the 19th of February 1815.

2nd Salla was born 10th of August 1817,

3rd Rosanna was born 21st of August 1819.

Henry Wertz was born 28th January 1794.

Wesley Harisson Werts was born April 8th day 1828,

Anna Elizabeth Wertz the first born child of Henry Wertz was born February the first day 1822.

Abraham Ansley Wertz the second born child of Henry Wertz was born October 4th 1823.

____ born December 27th 1825

Wm, Lever fist born child John Wade Belton was born March 22nd 1822.

Second born child was born Rachel Elizabeth February 23rd 1824.

Maryan Lever was born January 28th 1826.

3rd child Maryan Caroline Lever was born January 27th 1826.,

Michael Lever first born child John was born July 20th 1821,

Second born George Henry was June 20th 1923.

Michael Lever third born George Henry was born January 8th 1826.

- fourth born son Samuel December , 1828,



Abraham Lever died the son of George Levers May 21,1805

John Lever died the son of George Lever March 19fh 1817.

Samuel Lever died the 6th son of George Lever November 22nd 1826,

George Lever deceased April 4th 1831.

Mary Lever deceased October 20th 1833.

George Miller deceased first day of November 1833.

Pyrana Lever who married Lendler deceased 18th February 1868 daughter of Wm. Lever.

Wm. Levers daughter Pyrana Lendler widow of O. P. Lender deceased February 19th 1868

(Entered twice in Bible)

Clarryseey Lever deceased December 15th 1869 daughter of Wm. Lever (Entered twice in Bible).

Win. Levers daughter Clary Lever deceased December 15,1869.

Rilsey Lever deceased September 2nd 1875 daughter of Wm. Lever.

Win. Levers daughter R. Elizabeth Lever died June 6th 1825.

Wm, Levers daughter Maryan Caroline died November 3rd 1826.

Win. Levers daughter Ammandy died November 13th 1827,

Wm, Levers son Jackson died September 27th 1831.

Wm. Levers son Marquis Lafayette Marion deceased 29th December 1849.

George William Wiley Lever deceased June 28th 1859,

Wm. Lever died July 16th 1880.

Kiziah Lever died March 20,1887.

Eve M. Lever died July 9th 1887.

Nancy Kizziah Lever died March 3 1924, aged 88 yrs 10 mos 17 days

Francis Asberry Washington Lever died May 5,1926.

Posted 20 June 2004