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Dutch Fork Digest,l. XVIII, No. 3, Jul-Aug-Sep 2003

Bible record is from the files of the Dutch Fork Chapter


        Joel Keisler, Jnr. And Elizabeth Ann, daughter of J. H. Franklow was married December the 31st 1840 by Rev. George Haltiwanger, Snr. - Age of the affirmative 20 years 11 months & 16 days, and the age of the negative 20 years 7 months  & 14 days.

        Drury Kizer married Hepsey Keisler 17th Feb. A.D. 1842 by Rev. George Haltiwanger, Snr.

        Littleton Derrick Riley married Elizabeth Ann Victoria Keisler November 14th, 1867.

        Miles B. Keisler married Amanda Caughman,  April 1872.

        Reed L. Keisler married Laura L. Addy

        W. S. Keisler married Martha Ella Riley.

        Carol W. Riley married Carrie A. Keisler Dec. 18, 1884.


        Joel Keisler, Jnr. was born January 15th, 1820.

        Elizabeth Ann Keisler was born June 17th, 1820.

        Mark Washington Calhoun Keisler born Oct. 1st A.D. 1841.

        Paul Franklin Keisler born March the 19th A.D. 1844.

        Joel Alexander Columbus Keisler born November the 24th, 1845.

        Elizabeth Ann Victoria Keisler born August the 18th, 1847.

        Miles Boneparte Keisler and Ralph Newton Keisler born Dec. 7th, 1848.

        Reed Lafayette Keisler born Nov 24th, 1850.

        Winfield Scott Keisler born August 27th 1852..

        Mary Jane Octavia Keisler born Sept. 24th 1854.

        Preston Brooks Keisler born June 28th 1857.

        __?__ Ann Carrie Keisler born December the 18th 1859


        Paul Franklin Keisler died on Monday the 21st July A.D. 1845

        Joel Alexander Columbus Keisler died on Saturday the 8th Sept. 1849.

        Ralph Newton Keisler died on Saturday 27th October 1849.

        Mary Jane Octavia Keisler died Tuesday 1st day of July 1862.

        Preston Brooks Keisler died August the 22nd 1862 on Friday.

        Mark Washington Calhoun Keisler was killed in battle in the Wilderness, Virginia on Friday May the 6th 1864.

        Miles Bonaparte Keisler died in Grimes County, Texas Saturday January 29th, 1887.

        Elizabeth Ann Victoria Riley nee, Keisler died July 11, 1888.

        Joel Keisler, Jr. died Feb. 4, 1897.

        Elizabeth Ann Keisler died Nov. 15, 1904.

        Posted 20 June 2004