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Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. XIII, No. 3, Jul-Aug-Sep 1998


Jasper Claude Johnson  to  Miss Annie Elizabeth Boatwright on January llth 1903.

W. C. Lybrand married Mary Ready on February 17, 1895.

Kohan L. Johnson married Effie Mae Waters on March 26, 1932.

Dewey E. Johnson  married   Hilda Payton (Daughter of Robert"Bob" Payton) December 1931.


Jasper Claude Johnson was  born March 30th 1881. (Son of James Luther and Frances Altman Johnson.)

Annie Elizabeth Boatwright was born November 9, 1885. (Dau. of Leroy F. and Frances Permelia Lybrand Boatwright.)

Viola Johnson was  born  April 21, 1904. (Daughter of J. C. & Annie Johnson.)

Katie Viatris Johnson  was born November 18th 1906. (Daughter of J. C. and Annie Johnson.)

Kohan Leroy Johnson was  born September 24, 1909. (Died August 27, 1974, buried New  Holland Cemetery. Son of J. C. and Annie Johnson.)

Dewey Elmore Johnson was  born May 21, 1914. (Died January 3, 1983, buried Hollow Creek  Baptist Church Cem. Aiken Co., SC. Son of J. C. and Annie Johnson.)

Murray Claude Johnson was born May 27, 1919. (Died November 13 1978, buried  New Holland  Cemetery.  Son of J. C. and Annie Johnson.)

L.. F. Boatwright   was   born  October 23, 1855. (Husband of Frances P. Lybrand.)

Frances Permelia Lybrand  Boatwright   was born December 28, 1856. (Born in the Dutch Fork section of Lexington County, SC, a daughter of Wesley  Allen and  Sarah Elizabeth  Derrick Lybrand.)

W. C.  (Wesley Calhoun  "Callie")   Lybrand was born July 18, 1875. (Died Oct. 1, 1949, buried New Holland Cemetery. Son of Frances Permelia Lybrand.)

Mary Ready Lybrand was  born July 23, 1875. (Died April 16, 1928. Buried New Holland  Cemetery. Date of birth on tombstone is July 29, 1874.- Wife of Callie.)

Annie Lacola Johnson was born April 21, 1933. Died September 9, 2003. (Daughter of Kohan and Effie Johnson. (She married Everette Keisler)

Jasper Eugene Johnson was born July 27, 1934. (Son of Kohan and Effie Johnson)

Shirley Frances Johnson was born September 17, 1936. (Daughter of Kohan and Effie Johnson.

Kohan Leroy Johnson, Jr. Was born October 31st 1938. (Son of Kohan and Effie Johnson)

Pearlene Elizabeth Johnson was born June 4, 1933. (Daughter of Dewey and Hilda Johnson)


Viola Johnson died July 30th 1905.

Katie Viatris Johnson died January 14th 1907.

L. F. Boatwright died April 30th 1913.

Frances Permelia Boatwright died July 11, 1943

Jasper Claude Johnson died August 10, 1942.

Annie E. Johnson died April 3, 1960.

(All six are buried at the New Holland Cemetery, Aiken County, SC.)

(  ) Information added & Bible Record by Shirley F. Trotter.

Bible was copyrighted July 1st 1886

Posted 19 June 2004