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James Leander Huffstetler born May 28, 1837

Mary Ann Long born June 22, 1842.

William David Huffstetler born November 3, 1866

James Alfred Huffstetler born November 8, 1868

Elizabeth Ann Huffstetler born April 22, 1871.

Sallie Leila Huffstetler born July 16, 1873.

John Calvin Huffstetler born August 31, 1877.

Robert Lee Huffstetler born June 15, 1879.

Charlie Simpson Huffstetler born July 17, 1884.

Lester Sylvanus Huffstetler born April 16, 1887.

James L. Huffstetler and Mary A. Long Were married February 27, 1883 at David Longs. By J. W, Frick.

This family record is recorded in the Family Bible now owned by Minardy Huffstetler of Columbia, S, C. t is written in tlie most beautiful handwriting anyone has ever seen. Grandmother Amanda's name is not mentioned, but her children's names are,

                                                                                                       Submitted By: Donald Huffstetler



HUSBAND - James Leander Huffstetler born 5/28/1837 died 6/11/1921. Buried St. Peters Pineywoods. His father was John Huffstetler and his mother was Elisabeth Thomberger.

WIFE - Amanda Melvina Dunn born 6/17/1841 and died 2/18/1881. Buried St. Peters (PW) Blythwood, SC. Her father was Calvin Dunn and her mother was Sarah Wooten.

HUSBANDS OTHER WIFE - Mary Ann Long born 6/22/1842 and died 8/18/1910. They were married 2/27/1883. Uncle Charlie and Uncle Lester were born to this couple.


1. William David Huffstetler born 11/3/1866 died 2/14/1958 in Chapin. Married on 1/20/1889 to Cedecia Catherine Shealy born 2/4/1867 and died on 8/21/1942 in Chapin.

2. James Alfred Huffstetler born 11/8/1868 and died 5/24/1953 married on 11/25/1891 to Frances Ellen Amick born 1/20/1871 and died 8/3/1933.

3. Elisabeth Ann Huffstetler born 4/22/1871 and died 3/30/1956 married James Luther Amick born 4/21/1868 and died 4/8/1939.

4. Sallie Leila Huffstetler born 7/16/1873 and died 6/15/1949. Married on 5/5/1892 to Robert Lee Amick born 12/17/1872 and died 6/13/1953.

5. John Calvin Huffstetler born 8/31/1877 and died 2/16/1957. Married Ella Corrie Amick born 10/21/1877 and died 9/9/1923 .

6. Robert Lee Huffstetler born 6/15/1879 and died 6/14/1964. Married on 12/15/1901 to Corrie Ellen Sons born 11/19/1883 and died 5/24/1958.

7. Charlie Simpson Huffstetler born 7/17/1884 and died 11/25/1964. Married on 11/1/1905 to Mary Amick born 11/19/1884 and died 1/28/1978.

8. Lester Sylvanus Huffstetler born 4/16/1887 and died 10/25/1909                                                                                                      

By: Donald Huffstetler

William David Huffstetler Diary

Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. XIV, No. 3, July September, 1999

Submitted by Donald Huffstetler

(  ) Written by submitted.


I. In the year of our Lord A. D. 1934,1, W. D. Huffstetler having a desire to leave some kind of

history or biography of mine and my wifes family Decie Catherine Shealy. Being of german

descent on my father's side, and Scotch Irish on my mothers side. My great grand fathers name was

John Thombergerr and his wife Catherine Sellers. Lived in Gaston County N. C. Bear Dallas, in

what was known as a german settlement.

II. My grandparents John and Elizabeth Huffstetler, nee Thomberger. My father James Leander

Huffstetler and his mother Elizabeth Huffstetler and two older sisters came to Fairfield County S.

C. and settled at Ridgeway in 1858 or 59. My wife Decie Catherine Shealy Daughter Joshua

Shealy and wife Martha. My mother Amanda Dunn. Daughter of Calvin Dunn and wife Sarah

Woolen Dunn. Mother was born June 171841 Died Feb. 151881 Leaving six children. I being the

oldest 14 years of age.

III. The early part of 1883 Father married Mary Long of the Piney Woods community of

Lexington County and moved from Blythwood to the county. She died 1911 and Father died June

111924. Jan. 20tb 1889 1 and Decie were married and started out in life togather on rented land

and Sept231893 we bought this home that we live on at this time. Although we had many tryals

we feel sure the Lord has wonderfully blessed us in many ways for which we are truly thankful

though we have had much sickness.

IV. And although we worked hard we raised ten children and they are all married and have gone

out in the world for themselves and it is our consciences prayer and hope that they will not have to

straggle and work as we had to. And now we are near sixty nine years we are thankful to say we

have never had any serious trouble with any neighbors or any one else. It has always been our

desire to try to live neighborly with everybody, keep all the friends you have and make more if


V. My parents belonged to the Baptist Church, but after moving from Blythwood to Lexington

County we all were confirmed in the Lutheran Church. About 1890,1 was elected a deacon in St

Peters (Piney Woods) Church serving twelve years. An Elder for fourteen years. Twenty six years

in seccession. At that time I resigned. About three years later 1 was elected back again serving

almost forty years. Serving astsuperintendent 6 years and Supt12 years.

VI. I can truly say with the Psalmist 16612. Lord I have loved the habitation of thine house when

thine honor dwelleth. And as an officer of my Church I served it under the following Pastors. From

1892, Rev. J. K. Efird, J. G. Schaid, Rev. A. R. Beck, Rev. B. J. Sox D. D., Rev. B. D.

Wessinger, Rev. M. L. Pence, Rev. B. L. Stroup, Rev.. A. M. Riser, Rev. D. L. Miller, Rev. J. S.


VII. These were regular Pastors. Supply Pastors were Rev. C. P. Boozer, Rev S. L. Nease, Rev .

L. Cromer, Rev. E. L. Lybrand, Student Sigmore, Student Rice.

(Then on back towards the middle of his dairy is two more pages.)

I. April 17,1938

Carl J. (Bunk) Shealy and Thelma's house burned down and they lost everything they had only

the few clothes which they had on at the time. But we all went to work and helped them

rebuild their house back. The following neighbors gave logs S. C. Epting 1 truck load, W. D.

Hufistetler 1 truck load, Oilie Huffstetler 2 truck loads, Daniel Shealy, Murl Cannon, Mrs.

Mary Wessinger 1 truck load, Earl Epting 2 truck loads, Charlie Bickley 2 truck loads.

II. Lumber given Frank Shealy, Ben Schumpert, Derrick brothers done tile dressing.

Posted 3 August 2004