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Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. VII, No. 2, April  June 1992


(NOTE: The names are spelled here as recorded in Bible).


Abraham Hite was born 22 July 1811. His parents were Michael and Katharine Hite. His sponsors were Michael Ergle and his wife. Eve. Abraham Hite died 17 February 1892.

Permelian Rodella Hite was born 10 Feb. 1836.

Joseph Hite the son of Abram and Mary Ann Hite was born 14 February 1838.

Margaret Elizabeth Hite born 2 June 1840. Aberham Hite and his wife Maryan were sponsors.

Margaret Elizabeth Hite died 2 October 1&40.

Mary Ann daughter of Mathias and Elizabet Younginer was born 29 January 1817. Her parents were sponsors.

Mary Aim Hite died 25 April 1849.

Martha Ann Mary daughter of Aberham and Mary Ami Hite was born 16 October 1841 Her parents were sponsors.

Noah Wesley Hite son of Abram and Mary Ann Hite was born 14 May 1845

Noah Wesley Hite died 24 June 1862.

David Walter Hite son of Abram and Mary Ann Hite was born 29 June 1847

Seley Crout was born 16 January 1826.

John Michael Hite was born 28 January 1859.

Matthias Hite was born 20 August 1813.

Matthias Hite died October 1835.

Pall Hite was born 2 February 1863.

Simuel Hite son of Aberham and Nary Ann Hite was born 14 Feb. 1864.

Malenda Hite daughter of Abram and Cealy Hite was born 30 May 1868.

Samuel Luther Hite was born 14 September 1885.

Polley Victory Hite was born 15 September 1887.


Abraham Hite & Mary Ann Unninger were married 25 March 1835.

Abraham Hite &. Seley Crout were married 25 December 1857.

Paul Hite and Mary Taylor were roamed 23 November 1884.

Posted 14 June 2004