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Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. X, No. 1, January  March 1995

Bible stereotyped and published by C. Alexander &. Co.

of Philadelphia. Copyright 1834.

Submitted to the Dutch Fork Chapter by: Catherine Eleazer Gates


Aaron G. Gates and Mary J. Irick was mared (sic) m the year of our Lord Dec 14th, 1843.

Lewis Taylor Gates and Catherine Eleazer were married November 11,1933.

Etta Vernelle Gates and William Harry Sutton were married October 30,1938.


Jefferson T. G. Gate was born Oct. 18th 1844. Killed m Civil War at Trevillion Station, Virginia

on June 12,1864.19 years old. 5th Reg. Co. A.

Frederick J Gates was born Dec 25th 1845

Sharlote Luvezer Irick was born October 18,1808.

James Margon Irick was born August I4th 1810

John Martin Irick was born September 21st 1812.

George Thomas Irick was born September 11th ?,  1816.

Lewis Taylor, son of Brunson and Sallie Gates was born June 19,1910.

Frederick I,, son of Brunson and Sallie Gates was born July 20,1913.

Floyd Brunson, son of Brunson and Sallie Gates was born March 16,1917.

Etta Vernelle, daughter of F. B. and Sallie Gates was born August 22,1934.

Margaret Luetta, daughter of Lewis and Catherine E. Gates was born August 22,1934.

Harriette Jenelle, daughter of Harry and Etta Vernelle Sutton was born May 31,1939.


John Valentine, Sr. departed this life October 28th, 1843. Being 70 yrs of age

Ann Mary Irick departed this life November 16,1843. Being 62 yrs of age.

Rosana ?. Gates departed this life October 9th 1856.

Frederick Gates departed this life.

Frederick I., son of Sallie and Brunson Gates died March 5,1925.

Posted 3 August 2004