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George Farr Bible


Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. VIII, No. 2, April June 1993

Infant son July 5, 1893.

G.W. Farr  April 26, 1929.

George Westley Farr and Mary Levvania Stockman were married on the13th of April 1890 at .J. A Kyzer.

G W. Farr was born July 21st, 1858.

Mary Levvania C. was born Feb. 13, 1870.

Ernest Wesly Farr was born Oct. 12, 1906 and was baptized by 0. B. Shearouse.

John D. Farr was born March 1, 1911 and was baptized by Rev. 0. B. Shearouse.

Ruth Eastella Farr was born Feb.9, 1891 and was baptized by Rev. J. A. Sligh.

Infant boy born July 5, 1893.

Henry Thomas Farr was born Aug 25 A, D. 1894 and was baptized by Rev. L. S. Knease on March 7, 1895.

Cecil Boyd Farr was born June 12,1900 and was baptized by S. L. Nease.

Lang Euston Farr was born Jan, 1st, 1904 and was baptized by Rev. J. K. Efird,

Posted 3 June 2004