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Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. IX, No. 4, October December, 1994

Bible printed by The Southwestern Co Nashville, TN

Submitted to the Dutch Fork Chapter by Catherine Eleazer Gates


R, Walter M. Eleazer to S. Alma Shealy on December 21st, 1904 at Mt. Vernon Church, White

Rock, South Carolina in the presence of Congregation and Friends. By the Rev. S. C. Balentine.

Lewis Taylor Gates to Catherine Eleazer on November 11,1933 at Mount Horeb Lutheran

Parsonage, Chapin SC Rev. H. S. Petrea officiated

Harry Eleazer to Annie Chaffin on August 25 1936 at Columbia, SC by Dr. Peele.

J. B. Eleazer to Miriam Rhoad on August 27,1936 at Estill, SC by Rev Rhoad,

J. Jake Godbold to Margaret A, Eleazer on December 21,1937 at Mt. Horeb Lutheran Church,

Chapin, SC by Dr. H, S, Petrea.

Joe Perry Lassiter to Margaret Luetta Gates on December 25,1954 in Mt Horeb Lutheran Church by Rev. John H. Koch, Jr

John J, Godbold, Jr, to Janis Clemons on Dec. 21,1962 in Green Sea Baptist Church by Rev, Gilreath,

Miriam Beatrice Eleazer to Broughton Baker, June 24,1973.

John Jake Godbold, Jr, to Donna Meadows, June 21, 1974


R. Walter N, Eleazer born April 7,1878,

S, Alma Eleazer born November 28,1882.

Harry L. Eleazer born March 1,1906.

John Belton Eleazer born September 22, 1908.

Margaret Alice Eleazer born January 21, 1913,

Sadie Catherine Eleazer born August 23, 1914.

Lewis Taylor Gates born June 19,1910.

Margaret Luetta Gates born August 22,1934.

Annie Chaffin Eleazer born August 27,1909.

Miriam Rhoad Eleazer born July 5,1913.

John Jake Godbold born August 26, 1913.

John Jake Godbold, Jr. born April 14, 1941

Miriam Beatrice Eleazer born December 4, 1952,

Mary Catherine Eleazer born March 4,1958.

Cynthia Lu Lassiter born March 4, 1958.

Margaret Camille Lassiter born June 3, 1964.

Susan Gladys Godbold born July 9, 1967.

Magaret Elizabeth Godbold born July 14, 1970.


R. Walter M. Eleazer (rural mail carrier for over 20 years)

Janis Clemons Godbold died Sept. 18, 1973.

Harry L. Eleazer died Nov. 21, 1977.

John B. Eleazer died Nov. 12, 1977.

LINEAGE of S. Alma Shealy (loose sheet in Bible)

James Belton Shealy (father)

Mary Ann Swygert Shealy (mother)

John H. Shealy (brother)

James Warren Shealy (brother) Sept. 1949.

Perry Haskel Shealy (brother) Aug. 11, 1948

Carrie Shealy Fulmer (sister)

Alice Burkett Shealy (step-mother)

Mary Shealy Shealy (sister)

Forest Calvin Shealy (brother)

Martha Hiller Swygert and John Swygert - Maternal Grandparents

Susan Epting Shealy and John Shealy - Paternal Grandparents

LINEAGE of R. Walter M. Eleazer

John Manning Eleazer (father)

Margaret Kinard Eleazer (mother)

William Perry Eleazer (brother) Oct. 10, 1946.

John Henry Eleazer (brother)

Elizabeth Eleazer Stone (sister)

Edward Eleazer (twin brother)

Albert Eleazer (twin brother)

Anna Eleazer Jacobs (sister)

Luther Holmes Eleazer (brother)

Hattie Eleazer Lever (sister)

George Miller Eleazer (brother)

Henry Eleazer and Nancy Haltiwanger - Paternal Grandparents

______________________________   - Maternal Grandparents

Posted 7 July 2004