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Henry Eleazer Bible


Dutch Fork Digest IX, No. 2, April June, 1994

Bible Record donated by, Katherine Eleazer Gates, a DF member

Bible published 1849 in Philadelphia by Edward W. Miller



Henry Eleazer and his wife Nancy daughter of John Haltiwanger were married Feb. the 8th A,D.


John M. Eleazer and Miss Louvenia M. Kinard was married November 15th 1866 by Rev. William Berley (?).

Robert J. Eleazer and Miss Fannie E. Kinard was married April the 11th 1867 by Rev J. N.


Jno. H.. Eleazer and Miss Mattie Pope were married April 27,1893 by Rev. S. M. Smith.

W. P. Eleazer and Miss Sarah Francis Morrell were married Nov. 20,1895 by Rev. E. A.


G W. Jacobs and Miss M. A. Eleazer were married Jan. 17, 1900 by Rev S. C. Ballentine.

Lizzie C. Eleazer married to Dr. L. W. Stone, March 29th 1900 by Rev. S. C, Ballentine.

R. W. M. Eleazer married to S. Alma Shealy, Dec. 21st I90? By Rev S. C. BaUeotine.

Hattie Adella Eleazer married to John L. Lever Dec. 18,1918 by Rev. H. A. McColloughth, D. D

Harry L. Eleazer and Annie Chaffinofer Aug. 25th 1936.



Henry W. Eleazer was born 19th Dec. A. D. 1821.

Harriet E. Eleazer was born the 13th March A. D. 1823.

John S. Eleazer was born the 11th July A. D. 1824.

George B. Eleazer was born the 8th Feb. A. D. 1826.

Elizabeth C. Eleazer was born the 28th April A. D. 1827.

William S. Eleazer was born the 5th June A. D. 1828.

Mary Ann C. Eleazer was born the 31st August A. D 1830.

Robert I, Eleazer was born the 24th of May A. D. 1832.

Charlotte P. Eleazer was born the 28th March 1834.

John M. Eleazer was born the 13th April A. D. 1836.

Cummings S. Eleazer was born the 26th of March A. D. 1838.

Napolean Eleazer was born the 13th of October A. D. 1839.

Henry Eleazer was born May the11th 1795.

Nancy Eleazer was born May the 2nd 1799.

John Henry Eleazer son of John and Louvenia M. Eleazer was born Sept. 30th 1867.

William P. Eleazer son of John and Louvenia M. Eleazer was born Dec 15th 1868.

Cassie E. Eleazer was born 29th of Oct. 1870.

Albert Houck Eleazer was born Aug. the 11th 1872.

Edward Lee Eleazer was born Aug. the 11th 1872.

Mary Anna Eleazer was born February 7th 1875.

Harriet Adella Eleazer was born September 27th 1876.

Robert Walter Fanning Eleazer was born April 7th, 1878.

Fannie Katie Missouri Eleazer was born December 5th 1879.

Robert Manning Eleazer was born Jan. 15th 1871.

Charlie H Eleazer was born 7th of April 1868 (?).

??elvin ?. Eleazer was born the 13th of Feb. 1870.

George Miller Eleazer was born March 12,1882. Died April 12,1975

Luther Holmes Eleazer was born April 25,1885.

Mrs. J. M. Eleazer was born June 6, 1846.

Julia Marguerite Jacobs was born Sept.11,1901.

Clarence Walter Jacobs was born March 6th 1903.

Katie Ines Stone was born May 25th 1901.

William Eleazer Stone was born Dec. 24th 1902.

John Albert Wyman Eleazer Oct 15,1896.

Carolyn Bell Eleazer Nov. 20,1906.

Geo. Walter Jacobs was born June 12, 1861.

Manning Eleazer Jacobs was born June 29th 1905.

Edna Lavinia Jacobs was born April 13th 1907.

John E. Jacobs was born Feb.1, 1909.

G. W. Jacobs, Jr, was born July 14th 1911.

Albert Lee Jacobs was born Jan, 13th 1914.

Harriett Adelaide Jacobs was born Aug. 9th 1917.

Dorothy Jacobs Shealy Sept. 9,1924

Sara Manning Jacobs Dec 6,1932.

Edna Durant May 21,1939

John Miller Jacobs Oct. 1939.

Mary Ann Brown Aug. 2,1940.

Thomas Harry Brown March 14,1945.

Nancy Diane Kenyon.

Sue Alice Jacobs.

Harry La Bonne son of R.W. M. & Alma S. Eleazer was born March 1,1906.

John Belton son of R. W. M..& Alma S. Eleazer was born Sept. 22,1908.

Margaret Alice d/o R, W. M. & Alma S. Eleazer was born Jan. 21,1913  Mrs. Godbold

Sadie Catherine d/o R. W. M & Alma S. Eleazer was born August 23,1914  Mrs. Gates

Alma Shealy Eleazer was born Nov. 28,1902.

Luther Holmes Eleazer, Jr. s/o Luther Holmes Eleazer & Effie Smith Eleazer was born June 3,


Margaret Loretta Gates was born August 22,1934.

Lewis Taylor Gates was born June 19,1910.

John Jake Godbold, Jr. was born April 14,1941.

Miriam Beatrice, d/o John B. & Miriam Eleazer born Dec. 4,1952.

Carolyn Bell Eleazer (Jr.) Aug. 21,1942.

John Albert Eleazer, Jr. July 8,1943.

Beatrice Eleazer Almond  Dec. 31,1919.

Fay Eleazer Evatt  Aug. 26,1927.

Sarah Eleazer Schulte Jan 13,1926.

Raymond Albert Almond  March 17,1950.

Patricia Frances Almond  Jan. 29, 1953.

Daniel Graham Evatt, Jr. Oct 28,1954,

Peter Martin Schulte Sept. 6,1958.

Lucy Meyer Schulte Jan. 15,1959.



John S. Eleazer died Sept. the 28th 1829.

Napolean Eleazer died Sept. the 5th 1841.

Harry Eleazer died September the 4th 1859.

Nancy Anna Eleazer died Dec. 9th 1891 aged 92 yrs 7 mos 7 days

Fannie Katie Missouri died Oct. 13,1889 aged 9 yrs 10 mos 8 days

Albert H. Eleazer died March 12,1894, aged 21 yrs 7 mos 1 day

John M. Eleazer died Sept. 2nd 1898, aged 62 yrs 4 mos 19 days

Mrs. E. C Bearden died Aug 3rd 1896, aged 69 yrs 3 mos 6 days

W. S. Eleazer died June 393, aged 64? 11 mos 18 days

Dr. H. G. Eleazer died July 18th 1913.

George B. Eleazer died (blank)

Geo R. Eleazer died Nov 1913

Ed L. Eleazer  Nov. 9, 1919

Lavinia M. Eleazer July 21,1920 74 yrs 1 mo 5 days

Clarence Walter Jacobs March 7,1930 27 yrs 0 mos 1 day

Manning Eleazer Jacobs Dec 29, 1932 27 yrs 6 mos 0 days

Robert Walter Manning Eleazer  Oct 27,1936 58 yrs 6 mos 20 days

William Perry Eleazer  June 13,1941  72 yrs 5 mos 28, days

John Henry Eleazer June 5,1942  74 yrs 9 mos 5 days

Luther Holmes Eleazer  Dec 28,1942 57 yrs 8 mos 3 days

John Lawson Lever  Feb 14,1947 73 yrs 2 mos 21 days

George Walter Jacobs December 26, 1948  87 yrs 6 mos 14 days

Albert Lee Jacobs  April 9, 1955 41 yrs 3 mos 26 days

Harriett (Hattie) Adella Eleazer Lever July 19,1955 aged 78 yrs 9 mos 22 days

Mary Anna Eleazer Jacobs Dec 8,1958 aged 83 yrs 9 mos 2 days

John E. Jacobs Feb. 8, 1960

William Franklin Shealy  Dec. 22, I960

Charles Durant, Jr Jan. 23,1965

Harry Astor Brown  Nov 7,1965

Julia Marguerita Jacobs Shealy - Oct. 28,1967.

Posted 3 June 2004