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Dutch Fork Digest, VoL VIII, No. 2, April  June, 1993

From the files of the Dutch Fork Chapter

NOTE: ( ) Information added by Cook descendant.


Willis M. Cook and Susannah 1 McNure married the 27th of Oct. 1853.

Marcelus Cook and Julie Watters married 25th Dec. 1884.

Isaiah Howard and Rebecca Cook married 22nd June 1885.

James Cook and Caroline Taylor married 28th of Sep. 1887.

Leevie Smith and Alice Cook married 24th of May 1908.


Willis M. Cook was born the 7th of Sept 1823.

Susannah Jane Cook was born June 12th 1832.

Arthur M. Cook was born 8th of May 1855.

Lucyann Misouriann Cook was born the 18th of August 1857.

Marke Muller Cook was born the 9th of February 1860.

James Willis Cook was born on the 18th of August 1864.

Laurah W Cook was born June 1,1905.

Rebecca Cook was born the 25th of May 1868.

-?- Alice Cook was born Nov, 13 1890.

Tilman Howard was born me 8th of September 1890 ?.

Willis J. Cook was born May the 16th 1892. (son of James Willis Cook)

Lolian Howard was born the 24th of Feb. 1888.

Vera Susan Cook was born July 14th 1888.

Lurah Gintuler (Lula Gertrude) was born October 5th, 1888. (daughter of James Willis Cook)


Lucyann Misouriann Cook died January the 26th 1857.

Marke Muller Cook died October 26th 1862.

Wiffis M. Cook died March the 16th 1864 (Died CSA)

Susanah Jane Cook died Sep. 12.1906

Posted 9 July 2004