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William Chapman was born 1801 Dec 17. Sponsors were George Fike and his wife


Christena Wicker wife of William Chapman was born 1803 Dec 19. Sponsors were David

Weedingman and his wife Mary Magdelena.

William Chapman was married to Christena Wicker 1827 Feb 15.

Jacob Lemuel was born 28 March 1828. Sponsors were John A. Wicker and wife Elizabeth..

Frances Catherine March 17 1850.

Elvina Eliz,.. June 27 1830 lived in Saluda.

Anna Eliz. July 16 1832. Sponsors were George Epting and wife Eliz.

Polly Deliala March 9 1834. Sponsors were David Chapman and wife Eliz.

John Lemon June 6 1834, Sponsors were G. M. Summers and wife Mary Madalina.

Martha Cummings June 15 1857, her father and mother is .J. L. Chapman and his wife Lavina.

William Middleton Chapman was born Aug 29 1852, his father and mother is J. L. Chapman.

Francis Genia Feb 19 1838, Her sponsors were G. M. Fulmer and his wife Nancy.

Mary Catharine 31 day of Oct 1839. Sponsors were Joseph Counts and wife Eliz.

Dead son 20th day of July 1841..

David Neuton Sept 4 1842. Sponsors were Ivy Dansby and wife Eliz.

Thomas Sheely and Martha Nov 21 1851

John S. and Eliz. Long Dec 3 1857.

James Marshall Aug 28 1858.

Sarah Jan Nov 6 1859.

John Thomas Shealey June 20 1825. Sponsors were John Wintle Shealy and wife Mary,

died Dec 10 1861.

Martha Fulmer 14 March 1833. Sponsors were William Summers and Susannah Margaret Hipp.

Posted 5 June 2004