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This was shared with us by Mrs. Eleanor Wicker in the

Digest, Vol. 4, No. 1, January March 1989

Simeon Wilson Bedenbaugh was born 17 August 1819 and died 13 June 1879

Margaret Elizabeth Kinard was born 21 January 1820 and died 28 January 1862.

Simeon Wilson Bedenbaugb and Margaret Elizabeth Kinard married 3 October 1839.


Mary Ann Rebecca born September 21,1840, died September 26,1946

Jacob Wilson born August 17,1842

Mathas Hair born May 13,1845, died June 20,1920

Martha Addaline born November 27,1847, died August 24,1852

John Lowman born June 14,1850

Nancy Elizabeth born September 22,1852, died August 7,1921

Sarah Catharine born January 9, 1855.

Lemuel David born March 6,1857; died November 13,1937; married Nancy Rose Sheely 25December 1877

Levi Harris born August 25,1859, died May 5,1929


James Kleckley born June 2,1863, died June 18, 1895

Thomas Asberry born January 30,1865, died December 29,1872

Margaret Irene born February 4,1867, died December 19,1954

Margaret E. Kinard Bedenbaugb was born Newberry Co., SC died Macon Co., GA.

Margaret Elizabeth Kinard Bedenbaugh was a sister to Mahala Kinard Metts, Annie C

Bedenbaugh Fulmer, Maria Martha Kinard Smith, Milley Nates Maples and Dotty Nates Stroud.

These were daughters of Elizabeth Stockman Kinard Nates and all leave many descendants in Lafayette County, Mississippi..

Posted 14 June 2004