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Jesse Bauknight Bible Record

Contributed by George and Margie Bouknight Ivey

We are not in possession of the Bouknight bible only the two fragile family record pages. Somewhere along the way these two pages were removed from this bible. We do not know who or if the bible is still in existence. The most likely owners of this bible and/or the family record pages were 1). Naomi Meetze Bouknight & Jesse Bouknight, 2). Louisa Florence Howard Bouknight & Elijah Artemus "Big Pappa" Bouknight, 3). Martha Ann Elizabeth "Bessie" Coogler Bouknight & Darling Sidney "Jim" Bouknight, 3). Helen Elizabeth Bouknight Keever & Harold George Keever and 4). Margie Ann Bouknight Ivey & George William Ivey, Jr. The only owners that we are not absolutely sure of are Lousia & Artemus Bouknight but they were mostly owners at one time. Margie & I are not owners of the two family record pages only the caretakers for a short while!" by George Ivey, Jr.

( ) information provided from correspondence with George and Margie Ivey, Jr. and theBauknight/Bouknight Book written by Ivan Bauknight. Spellings have been left as found on original copy.

We was married January the 29, 1829. (referring to Jesse and Naomi Meetze Bouknight)

Caroline E. Bouknight was born Nov the 10 1830. Sponcers Michael Bouknight and wife.

Jesse Martin Bouknight was born Feb 19, 1833. Sponcers John Metz and wife Barbary.

Jeremiah Sanders Bouknight was born Mar 17th 1835. Sponcers ???? Bouknight and wife Catherine.

Michael Bouknight was born May 7th 1837. Sponcers Michael Lowerman and wife Jemima.

Daniel Rubin Bouknight was born June 12, 1839. Sponcers Jesse Bouknight and wife Naomi.

Sarah Ann Bouknight was born July 12 1841. Sponsors Jesse Bouknight and wife Naomi.

Isaiah Melanchton Bouknight was born November 15th 1848. Sponcers Jesse Bouknight and wife Naomi.

Julian Bouknight was born December 26th 1845. Sponcers Jesse Bouknight and wife Naomi,

Elisha Artimus (Bouknight) was born April 3,1849.

Simon Fair (Bouknight) was born October 1 1851.

Francis Rebecca Naomi Bouknight was, born March 25,1854. Sponcers Jesse Bouknight and wife Naomi.

Drucill Zefforah (??) (Bouknight) was born July 12th 1858.

Posted 19 June 2004