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Submitted to the Digest Vol. III, No. 1, 1988

by Betty Ann Werts Turkett

This is to certify that GODFREY D. BOUKNIGHT and ELIZABETH C. BOUKNIGHT were united by me in Holy Matrimony at Thomas W. Bouknight on the 2nd day of February in the of our Lord 1873 in Presence of (signed by) Jessie LORMAN.


Godfrey D. Bouknight was born in the year of our Lord 1852 August the 15.

Elizabeth C. Bouknight was born in the year of our Lord 1853 August the 24.

Mary A. Bouknight was born November the11, 1873.

Martha A. Bouknight was born April the 19, 1876.

Martin P. Bouknight was born October the 3, 1878.

Willie T. Bouknight was born December the 27, 1881.

Alice M. Bouknight & Daisy J. Bouknight was born June the 8, 1884.

Ollie D Bouknight was born November the 5,1889.

Godfrey B. Bouknight was born September the 1, 1888.

Dessie G. Bouknight was born February 8, 1891.

Charlie Madison was born January the ? 1893.

Willie Oscar Onley was born October the ? 1893.

Martha E, Derrick was born May 3? 1829.


Willie B. Onley and Annie M. Bouknight was married the 22 of December 1892, at her Fathers home.

Leroy Onley and Allie M. Bouknight was married the 27 of December 1902 at Columbia, SC.

Ollie D Bouknight and Minnie E. Warner was married the 14 of February 1906 ? at the bridesparents Mr. & Mrs. Warner.

Bennie G. Bouknight & Lillie E. Derrick was married at her home December 20,1909.

Charlie Madison Bouknight and Elizabeth Summer Kelsey, was married on the 25m day of February ? (page is torn).

Posted 27 May 2004