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Baker Family Bible Record

Dutch Fork Digest XIII, No. 2, April June 1998

Bible record submitted by Joyce Ricard


Samuel Baker was married to Mrs. Catey Kyzer on December the 9 day in the year of our Lord 1798.

John J. J. Baker was married to Miss Matilda King on August the 1st 1850.


John James Jefferson Baker was bon Febry the 13th 1814.

July the 6 day 1843. (only information entered)

Matilda King was bon January the 13th 1828.

William Baker was bon March the 27 day 1800.

Gethsey Baker was born Sept. the 21 day of 1806.

Sharlot Baker was bon September tine 27th day 1808.

Emilia Baker was bon November the 3 day 1811.

Wrote on the 1 Monday after the 3 Sunday in June the 1844 by John J. J. Baker


Samuel Baker died in the year of our Lord July the 3 day 1816.

William Baker died m the year of our Lord June the l9 day the 1822.