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Horace O. A. Atwel Bible
of Charlotte County, Virginia

Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. X, No. 4, October December, 1995

Bible published in 1837 in New York by T. Mason & G. Lanefor the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Horace O. A, Atwell and Sally Ann his wife, formerly Sally Ann Clark, was married December 23rd 1840.

Francis D Atwell and Elizabeth his wife, formerly Elizabeth Sharp was married May the 17th 1813.

Field Clark and Nancy W. his wife formerly Nancy W. Keeton was married March 21st 1816.

William H. Atwell and Edna Blanche Wilson were married August 2nd 1888, Lynchburg, Va.

William H. Atwell and Mrs. Julia F. Kiefer were married May 16th 1942, Washington, D. C.


Horace O. A. Atwell was born Nov. the 8th 1816.

Sally Ann Atwell, wife of Horace O. A. Atwell was born Aug. 2nd 1823.

William T. Atwell, son of Horace and Sally Ann Atwell was born November the 7th 1841.

Joseph F. Atwell, son of Horace and Sally Ann Atwell was born Sept. 11th 1844.

Ann Elizabeth Atwell was born Nov. 15th 1846.

John W. Atwell was born April the 18th 1849.

Sarah J. Atwell was born Nov. 11th 1851.

Edward Oscar Atwell was born December the 9th 1856.

James H. Atwell was born October 23rd 1859.

Robert Lee Atwell and Cornelia Davis Atwell was born the 30th Sept. 1862.

Field Clark was born March the 2nd 1788.

Nancy W. Clark, wife of Field Clark formerly Nancy W. Keeton, was born Feb. 25th 1802.

Their daughter Sally Ann Clark was born Aug. 2nd 1825.

James H. Clark was born Dec. 13th 1830.

Hatcher F. Clark was born Oct. 28th 1834.

Elizabeth B. Clark was born Oct 7th 1839.

Francis D. Atwell was born Oct. 22ad 1785. His wife Elizabeth formerly Elizabeth Sharp was born April the 9th 1786.

Doss D. Atwell son of F. & E. born August 2nd 1814.

Horace 0. A. Atwell was born Nov. 8th 1818.

Cincinnatus I. Atwell was born June 24th 1820?.

Crichton E. Atwell was born Sept. 2nd 1822.

Euphronius M. Atwell was born May 29th 1825.

Adolphus R. Atwell was born Dec. 13th 1826.

Francis D. Atwell, Jr. was born June 1st 1830.

W. H. Atwell was born 27th Dec. 1866.

Mrs. E. B. Atwell, formerly Miss E. B. Wilson born 26 June 1870.

Donald Atwell, son of W. H. and E. B. Atwell born June 23rd 1910.


Nancy W. Clark, wife of Field Clark departed this life April the 25th 1840.

Capt. Wm. Keeton departed this life April 10th 1852.

Sallie A. Atwell, consort of H. O. Atwell departed this life June 16th 1883, aged 57 years, 10 months and 14 days

Mary Jane Atwell, wife of J. F. Atwell departed this life June the 17th 1893.

Francis D. Atwell, Sr. departed this life February the 20th 1851, aged 65 years, 3 months and 29 days.

John W. Atwell, son of H. O. Atwell and S. A. Atwell departed this life June the 26th 1853, aged 4 years?, 2 months and 8 days.

Elizabeth Atwell departed this life February the 5th 1863.

H. O. Atwell departed this life Dec. the 15th 1864, aged 48 years, one month and 7 days.

Sallie J. Shelton departed this life March the 24th 1875.

Cincinnatus I. Atwell died March 17, 1893.

Mrs. Bettie Jane McKay, formerly Bettie Jane Atwell died July 11th 1933 (near Mt. Pleasant Church) (Read her obituary near end of this file)

Mrs. Edna Blanche Atwell, formerly Edna Blanche Wilson, wife of W. H. Atwell died at Columbia Hospital March 28th 1942 (Batesburg Cemetery).

Mrs. Julia Frances Atwell, formerly Mrs. Julia Stokes Kiefer, wife of W. H. Atwell died Jan. 30th 1945 in Washington, D. C. Buried in Batesburg Cemetery Feb. 2, 1945.

W. H. Atwell died Feb. 22, 1949. Buried at Batesburg, S. C. Married May 1942 at Ridge Spring, S. C. to Sallie O. Adams. (Possible error The May 1942 date is listed in Bible as marriage date to both Julia Kiefer and Sallie 0. Adams)

Written by F. H. Atwell, Sunday 11 1924.


Catharian Lewis Attwell was born in the year of our Lord 1776 May 23rd.

Matthew Attwell was born in the year of our Lord August 29th 1778.

Charles Henry Attwell was born in the year of our Lord March 17th 1780.

Elizabeth Webster was born in the 1738 Feby 26.

John Atwell born July 23rd 1727.

1761 Jno. and Eliz. Atwell married Apl 20.

Samuel Attwell, son of John Attwell was born in the year of our Lord November 10th 1763.

Mary Lewis Atwell was born in the year of our Lord October 22nd 1765.

Elizabeth Webster Attwell was born in the year of our Lord Jan. 2nd 1768.

George Attwell was born in the year of our Lord Jan. 25 1770.

John Attwell was born in the year of our Lord August ? 1773.


    RETIRES: Captain A. T. Atwel of 2019 Park Avenue, retired on Feb. 1 as conductor with the Southern Railway Co. He is 77 years old and had been connected with the Southern Railway for 56 years and 2 months, having started on Dec. 1, 1881, with the Old Richmond & Danville Railway Co. Captain Atwell was born in Charlotte County on Feb. 18, 1861. He is the oldest conductor in point of service on the Richmond Division of the Southern Railway, (article not dated - photo of Captain A. T. Atwel in article).


Boston, Sept. 9 (AP) A Texas debutante, killed in a stairway fall aboard the liner Excalibur in mid-Atlantic was ruled tonight a victim of accidental death after investigation by a Boston Medical examiner.

Dr. William J. Brickley reported Adrienne Atwell, 20, of Dallas Texas, suffered a fractured skull and intracranial hemorrhage.

Boatwain's mate, Luis Revera, who witnessed the accident, said he saw Miss Atwell and Robert M. Willard, 21, also of Dallas, fall backward down a two and a half-foot wide stairway aboard the liner while ascending it early last Saturday with their arms around each other.

He said he heard a scream and both came tumbling down backwards. The seas were described as moderately rough at the time.

The girl died three days later, despite efforts of the ship's surgeon and a neuro-surgeon and a nurse taken aboard from the army hospital ship Comfort.

Willard, who suffered head injuries was reported today in "satisfactory" condition at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital. Miss Atwell, granddaughter of Federal Judge William H. Atwell of Dallas, was returning with her parents and a party of college friends from a holiday cruise to Europe.

The parents, Attorney and Mrs. Webster Atwell planned to fly back to Dallas tonight with her body. (no year recorded)


Sister of W. H. Atwell of Columbia passes away in Farmville. Mrs. Bettie Atwell McKay, sister of W. H. Atwell of this city, died July 11, 1933 at her home near Farmville, Va.

Mrs. McKay, a woman of outstanding character, exemplified the rarest of human virtues, kindness and tolerance, and in her strict adherence to her lofty ideals aad sincere religious principles, endeared herself to all who came to know and love her.

The news of her death comes as a distinct shock and in her passing comes the realization of an irreparable loss.

Surviving is her husband, R. W. McKay three sons, Lawrence, William and Hazel McKay one daughter, Mrs. Edna Cottrell of Richmond, Va. - two brothers, W. H. Atwell of Columbia and T. M. Atwell of Drury's Bluff, Va, Mrs. McKay is also survived by 19 grandchildren.

Services were held at Mt. Pleasant Church. Internment was in Mt. Pleasant Churchyard, Virginia.


Capt. W H. Atwell of Batesburg and Mrs. Julia F. Kiefer of Washington, D. C. were married May16 at the home of the Rev. Freeley Roher, 1121 East Capital St., Washington, D. C. Only members of the family and personal friends were present.

Mr. and Mrs. Atwell will be at home in Batesburg after May 17. Mr. and Mrs. Atwell were originally from Virginia, but have lived in Batesburg and Washington respectively for many years where they have many relatives and friends.


It is the custom of all Elks lodges to hold the first Sunday in December, memorial services for their departed brethren. New Orleans Lodge has obtained as its orator for the memorial services one of the most brilliant speakers in the South, William H. Atwell of Dallas, Texas. Mr. Atwell is one of the foremost citizens of the Lone Star State and is widely known as one of the most brilliant orators of the country.

For sixteen years he was United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, and served with distinction in that position. He was appointed by President McKinley and held office continuously until recently, when he voluntarily resigned to accept the position of master in chancery of the Frisco and Orient railroads, with headquarters in Dallas. He has been prominent in the civic and social affairs of Dallas. It was through his efforts that the fine Dallas Zoo was established two years ago, and he is at present the zoo commissioner of the city.

Mr. Atwell long has been prominent in the affairs of Elkdom, having served Dallas Lodge twice as exalted ruler, being the only Elk who ever was selected for the place twice in succession. He was district deputy for Texas, and through his efforts Elkdom in Texas made rapid strides.

In 1902 at Cincinnati, when placing the claims of Dallas for the next Grand Lodge convention before the assembly, his oratory swept the audience, although he was not successful at the time. Again at Philadelphia, in 1907, he put forth Dallas for the next convention city, and it was mainly through his address and beautiful oratory that the day was won.

At Boston in 1911, his speech before the convention of the Associated Advertising League of America won the convention for Dallas. His great ability as an orator is so well known that whenever Dallas wants a convention the first man selected to help out is William H. Atwell, the "Silver Tongued Orator", (year not recorded - article includes photo of William H. Atwell.)
Note: Newspaper photo in Bible of Dr. D. B. Johnson – Not dated
Note: References made in newspaper articles to Columbia, this city and Batesburg is believed to be in the State of SC. (Several listed is this Bible are buried at the Batesburg Cemetery in Batesburg, SC - By Shirley F. Trotter)
Bible purchased in 1994 at Estate Auction in Batesburg, SC.
UPDATE - The Horace O. A. Atwel Bible is back in the Atwell family. It was gifted by Shirley F. Trotter in 2012 to Ray W. Atwell of West Lafayette, Indiana.
New Home of the Horace O. A. Atwel Bible.  Made by Ray W. Atwell.
Bible Record submitted to the Chapter by Shirley F. Trotter, updated and corrections made in April 2012.